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Wednesday 1st August 2012

There have been 9 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

Cool Baranca in the 21:05 at Perth yesterday (Betfair SP of 7.19)
Voleuse De Coeurs in the 17:00 at Galway yesterday (BSP of 5.79)
Cheeky Wee Red in the 17:20 at Ayr on Monday (BSP of 4.15)
Luctor Emergo in the 16:45 at Ayr on Monday (BSP of 3.3)
Allerford Jack in the 19:50 at Uttoxeter on Monday (BSP of 2.92)
Ballista in the 15:40 at Ayr on Monday (BSP of 2.2)
Fear Nothing in the 16:05 at Beverley yesterday (BSP of 2.17)
Tajneed in the 15:20 at Ayr yesterday (BSP of 2.14)
Decision By One in the 14:15 at Ayr yesterday (BSP of 1.32)

26 top-rated selections have placed and 11 races have been won by second or third top-rated horses.

E-Book System Results – Last 2 Days

Cherry Lays +1.1 points

(616.78 points amassed since Oct 2009)

Cherry Pips:  -32.2 points

(420.3 points amassed in 2012)

Full Results (Please note: these 2 systems are not connected to our ratings)

JustStartHere Betting System Idea

Yesterday we looked at backing horses that recorded the highest Mov1 & Mean values in their respective races on JustStartHere to win (values outlined in red on the screenshot below):

Highest Mov1 & MeanPlease Note: You can view the image above in more detail by right-clicking on it and selecting “Open image in new tab”. Alternatively you can zoom in and out by holding the Ctrl key and pressing + or -.

In order for a selection to qualify, it must have recorded the highest Mov1 value AND the highest Mean value in the race. There were 9 winners out of 32 selections yesterday – the system returned a profit of 16.74 points after Betfair commission (based on Betfair SPs):

Highest Mov1 & Mean Results

If you would like to try out this approach or start devising your own betting systems based on horse racing price movements, sign up to JustStartHere:

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