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Wednesday 11th July 2012 

There have been 10 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

Mayoman in the 14:30 at Ayr on Monday (BSP of 17.39)
Salik Tag in the 20:35 at Southwell yesterday (BSP of 9.47)
Fayr Fall in the 17:45 at Wolverhampton yesterday (BSP of 5.89)
Horatio Carter in the 21:20 at Ripon on Monday (BSP of 4.4)
Athenian in the 20:20 at Ripon on Monday (BSP of 4.28)
Southway Star in the 19:45 at Uttoxeter yesterday (BSP of 4.19)
Takeitfromalady in the 19:10 at Windsor on Monday (BSP of 3.94)
The Nifty Fox in the 15:30 at Ayr on Monday (BSP of 3.85)
Call Me Bubbles in the 21:00 at Roscommon on Monday (BSP of 3.65)
Peaks Of Fire in the 18:45 at Uttoxeter yesterday (BSP of 2.03)

Top-rated Mayoman won the 14:30 at Ayr on Monday with a Betfair SP of 17.39

Top-rated Mayoman won the 14:30 at Ayr on Monday with
a Betfair SP of 17.39 (photo: DavidOMeara.co.uk)

 top-rated selections have placed and 11 races have been won by second or third top-rated horses. To view the overall performance of our top-rated selections, please click here.

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Dutching The Top 3 Rated Cherry Picks

10 out of the 16 rated races yesterday were won by first, second or third top-rated Cherry Picks selections. Dutching the top 3 in every race would have returned a level stakes profit of 4.12 points after Betfair commission (based on Betfair SPs):

Race Top 3 Rated Betfair SP Dutch Odds Result Return
14:15 Wolverhampton Mawjoodah 7.05 2.04
Almaty Express 10.63
Marinus 3.93 W +0.99
14:45 Wolverhampton Another Citizen 17.04 4.96 L -1.00
Boundaries 10.21
Missus Mills 22.30
17:15 Wolverhampton Gazboolou 7.39 2.95
Lutine Charlie 7.14 W +1.85
Irie Ute 15.73
17:45 Wolverhampton Fayr Fall 5.89 3.61 W +2.48
Polar Auroras 13.11
Marksbury 32.00
18:05 Southwell Dil Laney 9.30 1.28
La Sylphe 3.30 W +0.27
Crystal Cove 2.68
18:45 Uttoxeter Peaks Of Fire 2.03 1.18 W +0.17
Rock Me John 6.20
Marino Prince 5.09
19:05 Southwell Final Delivery 8.93 2.11
Daddy Warbucks 3.15 W +1.05
Adili 23.00
19:15 Uttoxeter Bring On The   Judge 2.80 1.14 L -1.00
Melua Maid 2.76
Kings Queen 6.40
19:25 Roscommon Good Fella 8.98 2.48 L -1.00
Drive On Regardles 4.00
Corskeagh Royale 24.00
19:35 Southwell Snow Ridge 13.79 2.41 L -1.00
Alpha Arion 6.22
Trusting 5.50
19:45 Uttoxeter Southway Star 4.19 1.55 W +0.52
Desolait 3.95
Cresswell Bramble 6.60
20:05 Southwell Safe House 5.90 2.71
Annie Walker 6.60
Ursula 21.05 W +1.62
20:15 Uttoxeter Kilmore West 5.93 2.73 L -1.00
Marju King 8.36
Leac An Scail 12.86
20:35 Southwell Salik Tag 9.47 1.70 W +0.67
Beachwood Bay 4.84
Clear Spring 3.62
20:45 Uttoxeter Whatshallwedo 5.63 1.52
Stormhoek 3.05 W +0.49
Olympian 6.50
21:05 Southwell Carnac 3.05 1.52 L -1.00
Yas Marina 5.90
Cozy Tiger 6.23
Total: +4.12

Betfair Multiples allows you to easily dutch numerous runners in a race – it works out all the stakes automatically so you’re guaranteed an equal return regardless of which horse wins.

It’s also worth noting that out of the 7 top 3 rated horses that had Betfair SPs of 15 or more yesterday, 1 won and a further 3 placed. Ursula won the 20.05 at Southwell with a Betfair SP of 21.05 (place SP of 3.6), Marksbury placed in the 17:45 at Wolverhampton with a Betfair place SP of 7.8Adili placed in the 19:05 at Southwell with a Betfair place SP of 4.76 and Another Citizen placed in the 14:45 at Wolverhampton with a Betfair place SP of 3.95. It’s always worth looking out for highly rated horses with big prices.


E-Book System Results – Last 2 Days

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