FREE Horse Racing Market Movers Betting System – Backing “Stand Out” Steamers On JustStartHere To Win

Below you’ll find details of a very simple system based around backing noteworthy steamers on JustStartHere. This level stakes approach has returned a profit of 54.56 points after Betfair commission over the last 3 days. Out of 43 races, there have been 12 winners – that represents a 28% hit rate and a 127% return on investment.

The Rules

  • Use 11am as the morning comparison time.
  • Wait until 1 minute before the start of the race (when the Mov1 figures come in).
  • If there is just one blue Mov1 steamer in the race, back it to win. If there are two or more blue steamers in a race, ignore it and move onto the next race.
  • If there are no blue Mov1 steamers but one green Mov1 steamer, back it to win. If there are no blue steamers and two or more green steamers in a race, ignore it and move onto the next race.
  • If there are no blue or green steamers in a race, ignore it and move onto the next race.
  • That’s it!

What are blue and green Mov1 steamers?

The Mov1 values on JustStartHere show how much prices have steamed in or drifted out since the morning. Basically they compare the prices at 1 minute before the off against the prices in the morning (11am in this case). Big steamers are automatically colour-coded green or blue depending on how much the price has come in (blue steamers have Mov1 values of at least +5.01 and green steamers have Mov1 values between +2.5 and +5).

Recent Results

The system made a profit of 12.36 points on Sunday (see results below). The returns are based on using Betfair 1 minute prices and take into account 5% commission.

Steamer Betting SystemHorse Racing Steamer SystemHorse Racing Steamer System

On Monday the system made a huge profit of 
33.64 points. There were 4 winners out of 13 qualifying selections:

Steamer Results - 28/05/2012

Yesterday the system made a profit of 7.61 points. There were 5 winners out of 18 qualifying selections:

 Steamer Results - 29/05/2012

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