Look Out For Late Horse Racing Steamers With Big Odds

Friday 18th January 2013

There have been 6 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

Chartreux in the 14:50 at Wincanton yesterday (Betfair SP of 3.15)
Great Ormond in the 18:00 at Wolverhampton yesterday (BSP of 3.02)
Paphos in the 13:30 at Lingfield on Wednesday (BSP of 1.87)
Gabrial The Boss in the 14:35 at Lingfield on Wednesday (BSP of 1.71)
Brick Red in the 15:20 at Wincanton yesterday (BSP of 1.55)
Stand Guard in the 17:00 at Wolverhampton yesterday (BSP of 1.22)

11 top-rated selections have placed and 11 races have been won by second or third top-rated selections including Commercial who won the 16:15 at Kempton on Wednesday with a Betfair SP of 17.16. Dutching the top 3 in every rated race over the last 2 days would have returned a profit of 11.10 points after commission (based on Betfair SPs).

E-Book System Results – Last 2 Days

Cherry Lays (Recovery) +9.00 points

(+43.80 points amassed in 2013)

Cherry Pips:  +14.10 points

(-82.40 points amassed in 2013)

Full Results (Please note: these 2 systems are not connected to the Cherry Picks ratings)

More Big Late Steamers With Big Prices Yesterday

The price of Un Ace more than halved between 3 minutes and 1 minute before the start of the 13:00 at Lingfield. This was signalled by a huge positive 321 value of +5.45 being recorded on JustStartHere (highlighted in red on the screenshot below). Money certainly talked in this instance as the horse went on to win the race with a Betfair starting price of 41.98 (place SP of 10):

Big Late Steamer

Click on image above to enlarge

There was another big late steamer with big odds later on as the price for Dangan Daylight came in from 42 to 30 during the last 3 minutes before the start of the 14:40 at Thurles (high positive JustStartHere 321 value highlighted in red on the screenshot below). The horse went on to be beaten by half a length (Betfair place SP of 4.29):

Big Late Steamer

Click on image above to enlarge

For those who have a system based around the top 2 321 steamers in every race, there was a huge winner in the 15:30 at Lingfield. Border Station was the second biggest late steamer in the race on JustStartHere and went on to win the race with an enormous Betfair SP of 320 (place SP of 29). The 321 value is highlighted in red on the screenshot below:

Big Late Steamer

Click on image above to enlarge

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