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Monday 29th October 2012

There have been 6 top-rated winners over the last 3 days:

Cut Me Lose in the 19:30 at Dundalk on Friday (BSP of 10.50)
Whimsical in the 16:20 at Newbury on Saturday (BSP of 7.80)
Serene Oasis in the 17:20 at Doncaster on Saturday (BSP of 6.97)
Jack Dexter in the 14:30 at Doncaster on Saturday (BSP of 5.44)
Lastoftheleaders in the 14:40 at Galway yesterday (BSP of 4.44)
Local Present in the 16:50 at Fakenham on Friday (BSP of 4.12)

20 top-rated selections have placed and 23 races have been won by second or third top-rated horses including Effie B who won the 15:25 at Newbury on Friday with a Betfair SP of 23.00Starstruck who won the 21:25 at Dundalk on Friday with a Betfair SP of 21.99 & A Little Bit Dusty who won the 19:15 at Wolverhampton on Saturday with a Betfair SP of 18.00 (betting system idea reminder – looking out for highly rated selections with big prices).

E-Book System Results – Last 4 Days

Cherry Lays (Recovery) +6.60 points

(377.10 points amassed in 2012)

Cherry Pips:  -8.10 points

(502.00 points amassed in 2012)

Full Results (Please note: these 2 systems are not connected to our ratings)

Becoming A Successful Bettor – The Golden Rules

Today we will uncover what we believe to be the most important factors that will contribute to your betting success.

These are the GOLDEN RULES:


One of the most powerful weapons we hold is choice. The bookmakers and exchanges are committed to offering prices on virtually every single sporting event, but there are undoubtedly events that are more “bookmaker friendly” than others. The professionals will wait until the right opportunity crops up. It is essential to weed out the bets that favour the bookie (such as the ones they advertise), and only bet when we have value on our side. It is essential to understand and accept that we are not going to win all the time – you have to take a long-term view. This is what following the mantra of “value” will enable us to do.


Leading on from choice is the virtue of patience. One of the biggest problems the novice professional will face in their keenness to make money is forcing bets when they should not. This is a guatanteed way to enter a spiral of losing bets that can rapidly run out of control. It can be frustrating when the opportunities seem few and far between, but you must resist the temptation to bet for the sake of it. If you do you are “gambling” and throwing away the advantage you have over the bookies or fellow Betfair punters.

Good Bank Management

A business-like approach to bank management is always employed by the professionals. You must always be aware of how much of your bank you should be risking in any given scenario and not be tempted to deviate from what you know is statistically correct. As with all businesses, there are running expenses and you must get into the habit of viewing losses and payments to valued services etc. as the essential expenses needed to run your business effectively.

Adopting A Portfolio Approach

All professionals operate a portfolio of betting methods designed to compliment and support each other. The nature of the game means that even proven systems over time will have winning and losing streaks. A diverse portfolio ensures that the likelihood of a system going through a losing streak is balanced by the likelihood of another system experiencing a winning streak. As long as the systems used are proven over time, the end result will always be an increasing bank.

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