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Wednesday 3rd October 2012

There have been 5 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

Duke Of Clarence in the 15:20 at Bath on Monday (BSP of 10.50)
Danube River in the 15:50 at Bath on Monday (BSP of 6.18)
Hit The Switch in the 16:50 at Sedgefield yesterday (BSP of 4.80)
Tregaro in the 15:20 at Sedgefield yesterday (BSP of 4.75)
Calaf in the 16:40 at Ayr yesterday (BSP of 3.05)

11 top-rated selections have placed and 3 races have been won by second or third top-rated horses.

E-Book System Results – Last 2 Days

Cherry Lays (Recovery) -38.04 points

(336.50 points amassed in 2012)

Cherry Pips:  +16.20 points

(510.60 points amassed in 2012)

Full Results (Please note: these 2 systems are not connected to our ratings)

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