The 2013 Cheltenham Festival – How Did The Top-Rated Cherry Picks Fare?

Monday 18th March 2013

There have been 31 top-rated winners over the last 7 days:

12-Mar-13  17:15 Cheltenham - Rajdhani Express (BSP of 18.72)
15-Mar-13  19:00 Wolverhampton - Fosters Road (10.38)
15-Mar-13  21:20 Dundalk - All Ablaze (8.80)
13-Mar-13  14:30 Southwell - Rio Cobolo (7.34)
15-Mar-13  13:55 Lingfield - Devout (5.88)
14-Mar-13  20:45 Wolverhampton - Greenhead High (5.21)
12-Mar-13  19:50 Wolverhampton - Outlaw Torn (4.30)
16-Mar-13  20:20 Wolverhampton - Flow Chart (4.20)
15-Mar-13  17:25 Wolverhampton - Sinchiroka (4.00)
15-Mar-13  15:20 Cheltenham - Bobs Worth (3.76)
16-Mar-13  18:50 Wolverhampton - The Blue Dog (3.72)
13-Mar-13  13:30 Cheltenham - Back In Focus (3.40)
12-Mar-13  15:05 Southwell - Aubrietia (3.40)
15-Mar-13  17:55 Wolverhampton - Flying Tempo (3.21)
12-Mar-13  16:25 Southwell - Shawkantango (2.99)
12-Mar-13  15:20 Cheltenham - Hurricane Fly (2.83)
13-Mar-13  19:50 Kempton - Upavon (2.67)
11-Mar-13  14:40 Plumpton - Upton Mead (2.46)
15-Mar-13  14:40 Cheltenham - At Fishers Cross (2.43)
13-Mar-13  15:45 Southwell - Misleading Promise (2.41)
13-Mar-13  15:05 Southwell - Frontier Fighter (2.38)
16-Mar-13  21:20 Wolverhampton - Blazing Desert (2.34)
16-Mar-13  19:20 Wolverhampton - Hiddon Coin (2.03)
16-Mar-13  17:50 Wolverhampton - Frontier Fighter (1.94)
13-Mar-13  13:55 Southwell - Hannahs Turn (1.81)
16-Mar-13  16:50 Ffos Las - Royal Chatelier (1.80)
16-Mar-13  18:20 Wolverhampton - Classic Colori (1.79)
13-Mar-13  16:25 Southwell - Masterful Act (1.77)
13-Mar-13  16:55 Huntingdon - Chilbury Hill (1.71)
12-Mar-13  14:05 Cheltenham - Simonsig (1.56)
13-Mar-13  15:20 Cheltenham - Sprinter Sacre (1.26)

30 races have been won by second or third top rated horses and 57 top-rated selections have placed including Connectivity in the 15:15 at Uttoxeter on Saturday with Betfair place SP of 7.09Solaras Exhibition in the 17:15 at Lingfield on Saturday with a Betfair place SP of 7.00 and Doctor Hilary in the 19:50 at Wolverhampton on Saturday with a Betfair place SP of 5.54. Were it not for the latter being beaten by a neck, it would have been a clean sweep for the top-rated selections at Wolverhampton on Saturday night – the other 6 all won. To view the overall performance of the top-rated selections, please click here.

Since the beginning of March, backing every top-rated selection to win has returned a profit of 33.28 points, backing them to place has returned a profit of 24.80 points and dutching the top 3 in every race has returned a profit of 32.93 points - a total profit of 91.01 points after commission (based on Betfair SPs).

Bobs Worth landed the Cheltenham Gold Cup

Bobs Worth landed the Cheltenham
Gold Cup (photo: Sporting Life)

At Fishers Cross was victorious in the Albert BartlettAt Fishers Cross was victorious in the
Albert Bartlett (photo: Sporting Life)

Cheltenham Report

Overall there were 7 top-rated winners from 20 rated races at Cheltenham this year – a 35% win rate. Backing every top-rated selection to win would have returned a level stakes profit of 12.61 points after commission (based on Betfair SPs) – a cracking result.

The win rate jumps up to 37% (10 winners out of 27 races), and the returns up to 16.17 points if you include backing the top-rated selections in races featuring unrated horses. Please note: Cherry Picks ratings for EVERY UK & Irish race can be accessed from the daily racecard download on JustStartHere (see the “REALCPRATING” column).

Well done to Charles from London who placed an £8 tricast bet on the top 3 rated Cherry Picks selections in the Gold Cup and won £304. How did you get on at Cheltenham this year?

Cherry Picks Ratings For Today’s Racing At Southwell, Wolverhampton & Carlisle

Monday 18th February 2013

There have been 6 top-rated winners over the last 3 days:

Across The Bay in the 14:20 at Haydock on Saturday (BSP of 13.00)
Cloudy Too in the 16:05 at Haydock on Saturday (BSP of 5.50)
Solar Deity in the 16:00 at Lingfield on Saturday (BSP of 4.15)
Heronry in the 16:05 at Sandown on Friday (BSP of 3.55)
Hillbilly Boy in the 12:40 at Lingfield on Saturday (BSP of 2.03)
Zarkandar in the 15:35 at Wincanton on Saturday (BSP of 1.39)

Odds-on favourite Zarkandar ran out a ready winner of the Grade Two Bathwick Tyres Kingwell Hurdle at Wincanton
Odds-on favourite Zarkandar ran out a ready winner of the Grade Two Bathwick Tyres Kingwell Hurdle at Wincanton
(photo: Sporting Life)

Across The Bay showed admirable resolution from the front to win the Rendlesham Hurdle at Haydock Park
Across The Bay showed admirable resolution from the front to win the Rendlesham Hurdle at Haydock Park (photo: Sporting Life)

12 top-rated selections have placed and 6 races have been won by second or third top-rated selections.

Cherry Picks Horse Racing Ratings – 15 Top-Rated Winners Over The Last 2 Days

Friday 1st February 2013

There have been 15 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

Chelsea Grey in the 18:50 at Kempton on Wednesday (BSP of 15.68)
Canary Wharf in the 17:20 at Kempton on Wednesday (BSP of 5.04)
Gorgehous Lliege in the 15:50 at Towcester yesterday (BSP of 4.55)
Drussell in the 15:40 at Ludlow on Wednesday (BSP of 4.10)
Jack My Boy in the 16:30 at Lingfield yesterday (BSP of 3.30)
Young Jackie in the 18:20 at Wolverhampton yesterday (BSP of 2.92)
Arthur’s Pass in the 16:30 at Leicester on Wednesday (BSP of 2.77)
Valdaw in the 15:00 at Lingfield yesterday (BSP of 2.37)
Mick Dundee in the 14:00 at Lingfield yesterday (BSP of 2.10)
Buddy Bolero in the 15:30 at Leicester on Wednesday (BSP of 2.06)
Prophets Pride in the 19:50 at Kempton on Wednesday (BSP of 1.94)
Taxiformissbyron in the 19:50 at Wolverhampton yesterday (BSP of 1.86)
Thunderstorm in the 14:20 at Towcester yesterday (BSP of 1.77)
Whispering Warrior in the 16:00 at Lingfield yesterday (BSP of 1.49)

21 top-rated selections have placed and 7 races have been won by second or third top-rated selections including Royal Bajan who won the 18:50 at Wolverhampton yesterday with a Betfair SP of 30.21Sir Dylan who won the 17:50 at Wolverhampton yesterday with a Betfair SP of 16.55 and Master Overseer who the 15:10 at Wincanton yesterday with a Betfair SP of 15.51.

*With regards to the investigation into top-rated picks with double figure odds, we’re gradually working our way through the 10,000+ selections – hopefully we’ll have some comprehensive findings soon.

Horse Racing Market Movers

The 60 minute steamer system discussed on Wednesday made a profit of 5.06 points after commission on Wednesday and a loss of 4.33 points after commission yesterday (returns based on Betfair place starting prices). We’ll continue to keep an eye on how the approach fares over the next few days.

A couple of stand out steamers did well at Ludlow on Wednesday. Midnight Belle was the only blue steamer on JustStartHere in the 14:40 before going on to win the race with a Betfair SP of 11.26 and Big News recorded the biggest positive Mov1 and 321 values in the 14:10 before going on to place with a Betfair place SP of 11.35:

Stand Out Horse Racing Steamers
Click on image above to enlarge

Click here to monitor all the UK and Irish horse racing market movers over the weekend with JustStartHere

How Do The Top-Rated Horse Racing Tips Fare On Different Days Of The Week?

Monday 21st January 2013

There have been 2 top-rated winners over the last 3 days:

Spifer in the 14:55 at Kempton on Saturday (Betfair SP of 6.68)
Tennis Cap in the 15:20 at Naas on Saturday (Betfair SP of 4.28)

5 top-rated selections have placed including Lady Lyrath (Betfair SP of25, place SP of 6.41), who was beaten into second by half a length in the 20:50 at Dundalk on Friday. 4 races have been won by second or third top-rated selections. To view the overall performance of the top-rated selections, please click here.

E-Book System Results – Last 3 Days

Cherry Lays (Recovery) 0.00 points

(+43.80 points amassed in 2013)

Cherry Pips:  0.00 points

(-82.40 points amassed in 2013)

Top-Rated Cherry Picks Day Of The Week Analysis

Many of you have written in recently asking how the top-rated selections fare on the different days of the week. Seeing as how the weather has played havoc with the racing schedule over the last few days, we thought we’d carry out some analysis. Here are the findings:

Day No. Days No. Winning Days Points Returns
Saturday 93 47 (51%) +182.16
Wednesday 82 37 (40%) +78.41
Tuesday 93 44 (48%) +42.17
Friday 92 39 (42%) +1.94
Sunday 92 36 (44%) -9.75
Monday 92 37 (40%) -57.64
Thursday 93 39 (42%) -151.41
Totals: 637 279 (44%) +85.89 
Day Of The Week Analysis

Unsurprisingly then, Saturday comes out on top. The quality of horse racing is generally better on Saturdays and this makes predicting winners a whole lot easier. Thursday is the day to avoid it seems!

If you have any Cherry Picks analysis requests, please don’t hesitate to get in contact ( –  we’d be more than happy to take a look for you if we can.

Horse Racing Tips For Redcar, Fakenham, Huntingdon, Fairyhouse, Warwick, Chepstow, Plumpton & Yarmouth Today

Free Horse Racing Ratings

Monday 9th April 2012

There have been 7 top-rated winners over the last 4 days and, tellingly, 20 second or third top-rated winners. To view the overall performance of our top-rated selections, please click here and scroll down to the Cherry Picks results table.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to access the ratings 7 days a week, please 
sign up to our horse racing price monitoring site JustStartHere - subscription costs £6 per month via PayPal. The ratings are available to download in PDF and Excel format direct from the website 
every morning from about 8am.

System Results – Last 4 Days

Cherry Lays +8 points

(594.58 points amassed since Oct 2009)

Cherry Pips +22.4 points

(1,787.66 points amassed since Jan 2010)

Full Results (Please note: these 2 systems are not connected to our ratings)

Notable Late Steamer Yesterday

Millieann won the 14:35 at Cork yesterday after steaming in considerably during the last 3 minutes before post time. It came in from a 3 minute price of 55 to a 1 minute price of 44 and recorded a high positive 321 value of 2 on JustStartHere (outlined in red on the screenshot below). It’s also worth noting the unusual overall price movement – at one time the price dropped all the way down to 13.5 before drifting back out to 50.

Winning Late Steamer

Please Note: You can view this image in more detail by right-clicking on it and selecting “Open image in new tab”. Alternatively you can zoom in and out by holding the Ctrl key and pressing + or -.

Watch out for unusual betting patterns today:

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