Results Upturn In All Weather Races For Top-Rated Horses

Friday 12th April 2013

There have been 12 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

Milans Well in the 15:30 at Wincanton yesterday (BSP of 8.53)
Whatever It Takes in the 20:50 at Dundalk on Wednesday (7.01)
The Four Elms in the 19:10 at Limerick yesterday (BSP of 5.85)
Hill Of Dreams in the 18:00 at Kempton yesterday (BSP of 5.73)
Maggie Pink in the 20:30 at Kempton yesterday (BSP of 5.20)
O Ma Lad in the 16:50 at Catterick on Wednesday (BSP of 4.89)
Qeethaara in the 14:30 at Lingfield on Wednesday (BSP of 3.96)
El Salvador in the 19:40 at Limerick yesterday (BSP of 3.06)
Polar Kite in the 14:50 at Catterick on Wednesday (BSP of 2.35)
Officer In Command in the 16:55 at Kempton yesterday (BSP of 2.33)
Refreshestheparts in the 17:00 at Lingfield on Wednesday (2.04)
Fruity O’Rooney in the 16:20 at Fontwell yesterday (BSP of 1.85)

22 top-rated selections have placed and 11 races have been won by second or third top rated horses. To view the overall performance of the top-rated selections, please click here.

All Weather Results

All weather meetings account for a large chunk of daily UK and Irish horse racing and we’re very pleased to report an upturn in results for the top-rated selections at those tracks over the last 6 weeks.

Since the beginning of March 2013 there have been 310 rated all weather races - 97 of those have been won by the top-rated Cherry Pick (31%). Backing every top-rated selection to win over that period would have returned a level stakes profit of 65.13 points after commission (based on Betfair starting prices).

187 top-rated selections have placed in that time (60%) and 186 races have been won by first, second or third top-rated selections (60%). Backing every top-rated selection to place would have returned a level stakes profit of 36.70 points after commission (based on Betfair place SPs). Dutching the top 3 rated in every race would have returned a level stakes profit of 28.29 points after commission (based on Betfair SPs).

That makes a total level stakes profit of 130.12 points after commission for the 3 approaches, an average return of 3.17 points per day and a total return on investment of 14%.

All Weather Returns
Fingers crossed the trend will continue at Lingfield, Wolverhampton & Dundalk today!

Recent Horse Racing Ratings Racecourse Statistics

Wednesday 12th December 2012There have been 3 top-rated winners over the last 2 days:

One For Harry in the 14:50 at Sedgefield yesterday (Betfair SP of 11.29)
Cross Of Honour in the 14:00 at Fakenham on Monday (Betfair SP of 2.97)
Thecornishcowboy in the 12:00 at Lingfield yesterday (Betfair SP of 2.33)

11 top-rated selections have placed and 7 races have been won by second or third top-rated selections including Gabrial’s Gift who won the 15:10 at Lingfield on Monday with a Betfair SP of 22.33. To view the overall performance of the top-rated selections, please click here.

E-Book System Results – Last 2 Days

Cherry Lays (Recovery) -33.82 points

(331.16 points amassed in 2012)

Cherry Pips:  -33.00 points

(569.00 points amassed in 2012)

Full Results (Please note: these 2 systems are not connected to the Cherry Picks ratings)

Cherry Picks Racecourse Statistics

Please click here to view the latest batch of Cherry Picks racecourse statistics (24/10/2012 – 09/12/2012). The win and dutch returns are based on Betfair starting prices and the place returns are based on Betfair place SPs. All of the returns take into account 5% commission.

It is worth noting that Kempton (traditionally the worst performing track) is high up the list despite having a low ratio of top-rated winners (14%). This is because of 2 recent big priced winners: Diplomatic on the 31st of October with a BSP of 42.00 Ancient Greece on the 22nd of November with a BSP of 21.52.

If you are a JustStartHere subscriber and would like an updated Excel copy of the full racecourse report (08/04/2011 – 09/12/2012), please let us know via email (NB the full report does not include the top 3 stats). If your membership has lapsed and you would like to reactivate your account, you can do so by logging in with your existing username and password here and clicking on the Paypal button. New subscribers can sign up to the service here.