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 is our horse racing ratings service. The ratings are the result of our daily analysis of a wide range of racing data. You can view the performance of our top-rated selections by clicking here - the table is regularly updated. On the results page you'll find a comprehensive list of past big priced top-rated winners including our tip for the 2012 Grand National - 33/1 shot Neptune Collonges.

Top-Rated Neptune Collonges wins the 2012 Grand National by a nose

Neptune Collonges, with Darryl Jacob on board, wins the 2012 Grand National
 by a
nose from Sunnyhillboy and Richie McLernon (photo: Tom Jenkins for the Observer)

On selected days we email the ratings to subscribers for free. In order to start receiving them, all you have to do is enter your name and email address into the form on the left. Your details will be used solely by us and not passed on to any third parties.

JustStartHere subscribers can download the ratings direct from the website in both PDF and Excel format from about 8am, seven days a week. Subscription costs just £6.00 per month via PayPal.

We provide the ratings to help subscribers develop their own systems. The basic premise is that horses with high positive ratings (those at the top of the list for each race) are fancied to do well, and horses with negative ratings (those at the bottom of the list for each race) are expected to perform poorly. For some ideas on how to use the Cherry Picks ratings, please click here.

We think Cherry Picks will prove to be an excellent addition to your betting armoury - sign up today and try it out! Enter your full name and a valid email address into the form on the left and we will subscribe you to the free service immediately.



"Absolutely fantastic stuff guys - great work. If this isn't one of the best free sites around then I would like to see a better one! I, like many, have a wardrobe full of failed systems/services, so Cherry Bets is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Your ratings consistently manage to pick winners at double figure odds. One or two here and there is always nice, but your ratings seem to pick them out at will at times. Not really sure what you base your ratings on, but whatever it is DON'T CHANGE IT!!!

You should be proud of Cherry Bets - it puts many paid services to shame. You have restored some of my lost faith in the industry - the betting world would be a lot worse off without you. Here's hoping you guys are around for many years to come. Take a bow!"

- Kris, Sydney

"Thanks for yesterday's tips. What a day! 8.5 points profit. Nice to start on a winning day.

Usually when a tipster tables his profit, it's to a price you could have got if you're a really savvy punter, which I don't feel I am. That tends to be the only way their results can show a profit. Anybody and everybody can get on at SP though, so nobody misses out.

I know your results are all tabled, but until one actually stakes one's own, real money, one can never really be fully confident that the results are all they appear to be. Now I can see though what a great couple of months you've had. Hope it continues for many months to come!"

- Paul, Nottingham

"I have been following your service for a couple of weeks now and would like to say the ratings are the best I have ever seen - who needs TimeForm etc?!"

- Breon, East Sussex

"Wow!!! Cherry Picks ROCK... I have been logging the results for the last 11 days - backing the top-rated selections using Betfair SPs and taking off commission would have made £182 with £2 stakes. Very happy!"

- Paula, West Midlands

"A very prompt and efficient service - looks great, no mumbo jumbo etc."

- Andy, Newcastle Upon Tyne

"You have definitely got an amazing thing going on here. These are the most accurate ratings I have come across. I have backed every one of your top-rated selections to win for the last 17 days and am showing a profit of 93.40 points! To be honest, I can't believe you are giving these away."

- Andy, Manchester

“I have to say that I’m gobsmacked. I’ve spent over two grand and days and weeks of my life trying to find systems that work, recording data off Betfair and analysing it, testing results etc. I have never, ever found anything that comes close to the accuracy you’ve got.

Yesterday I chose 5 races out of the ones you sent and put down real money for the first time and I won on every single one - a total of 7.4 points even after Betfair 5%. Just amazing.”

- Paul, London


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