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The problem with most horse racing betting systems and tipping services out there is that they're based on INDIVIDUAL OPINION - they fail to take into account the power of COLLECTIVE OPINION. 

The price fluctuations on betting exchanges reflect the opinions of THOUSANDS of punters who have spent time studying form, acquiring inside information from people in the know, examining horses in the paddocks, taking account of weather conditions and jockey changes etc. etc.

Following the money on the betting exchanges invariably provides a more accurate prediction of the race outcome as it takes into account a wide range of opinions and information and helps to form a far more rounded and reliable base on which to base your betting decisions.


"I have been caught out so many times in the past as a result of individual opinion. This is why I have become a great believer in collective intelligence and the power of the mass market.

Your service is the best I have ever come across - I use it every day as part of my market strategy."

- Yan

"I've recently subscribed to JustStartHere and it's exactly what I've been looking for. The tools I now have at my disposal make a tricky game much, much easier."

- David

JustStartHere in an inexpensive and easy-to-use betting tool that allows you to easily monitor horse racing STEAMERS and DRIFTERS. The information can be interpreted and used in a vast number of ways and will ultimately help you to identify, develop, test, hone and execute a whole host of profitable betting systems. If that's not enough, you'll also enjoy access to our highly successful horse racing ratings service Cherry Picks seven days a week, our detailed daily racecards AND daily tips provided by all the major UK and Irish newspapers and racing publications. 

All UK and Irish racing covered - follow every race live

Betting exchange prices and price comparisons updated automatically

Colour coding and star rating facilities to help identify the all-important STEAMERS  and  DRIFTERS  in the market

Full database of racing information available to download – a great aid to help you spot those profitable betting angles

Full access to our highly successful horse racing ratings service Cherry Picks

Full access to the daily tips provided by all the major UK and Irish newspapers and racing publications

Full access to our detailed daily racecards - jam-packed with useful information

Full results service – see who’s won and placed


Below you can see a screenshot of the JustStartHere   upcoming races screen. The prices update automatically and are displayed in a clear and logical manner, allowing you to spot back/place/lay selections based on weight of money movement quickly and easily. To view some example JustStartHere betting strategies that we've investigated in the past, please click here. 

JSH Upcoming Races

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"I have been using the 5 star selected horses, placing the same amount on each horse. It's proving really useful - from a £200 starting bank @ £2 per horse, I'm now up to £600 and £6 per horse.

Keep up the good work!”

- Steve


“Just as long as continues to be with us, I’ll be happy.

I’m making around £30-50 per day using JSH – it’s one of the best tools I have ever used.

Many, many thanks for the service.”

- Tim


#1 “Thanks for your very helpful email which gave me the renewed confidence to get back into the game of making money.

Because other commitments this afternoon, I was only able to dutch the first 6 races. You probably know the rest……..6/6 did the business! This made me a cool 12 points profit in less than one hour.

This certainly beats working for a living!"


#2 “To re-cap on my week so far, it has been as follows:

- Tuesday +12 pts (1 hour)
- Wednesday +23 pts (2.5 hrs)
- Thursday +40 pts
 (3 hrs)

Total so far +75 pts (6.5 hrs)

I must congratulate you on such a fantastic service. It is a real breath of fresh air to discover something that delivers the goods.

Your system is like a licence to print money!”

- John



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Identify horse racing market movers quickly and easily

Improve your chances of predicting the race outcome

Benefit from all the hard work put in by other punters

Develop your own successful betting systems

Watch your betting bank grow!

Complete flexibility - cancel or reactivate your subscription direct from your PayPal account whenever you like


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